Up and Running Suites​ ​​

 Charles B. Rosenstein, Attorney at Law

“As an experienced attorney but first-time entrepreneur setting up my own practice, Up and Running Suites has been an absolute godsend!  A colleague told me about the completely new and furnished office suites that has a reception area, and more importantly for me, a conference room for meeting with clients.  I first checked out the website but when I came and looked at the suites, I was very impressed with the layout, location, and amenities provided for an unbeatable price, and knew that office space like this in the Capital Region could not be beat.  I had been on the fence about starting my own legal start-up – mainly due to the overhead to get my new business off the ground.  I knew in order to run a successful practice, I would need professional storefront office space to meet with clients and avoid placing my home address on professional correspondence.  Up and Running Suites has been the perfect solution for me!  Mr. Rosenstein and his legal staff are a pleasure to work next to, and I have been delighted to have the professional office space that meets my needs at an unbeatable rate!  The furnished suites also include a business mailing address as well as business-class Internet service that have cut significant overhead, allowing me to focus on increasing my client base.  Up and Running Suites also provide all-in-one office automation and the customized signage option made my decision to open my practice here a no-brainer!  I could have resigned my practice to working from home, but I would still have had to spend good money to rent conference room space from a nearby business and still have to pay for an alternate mailing address for my practice.  Up and Running Suites meets all of those needs at an incredible value!  I truly have a great head start on many attorneys who start a practice of their own and I look forward to my continued success working here!"

-Chad M.

Current Tenant